DIY Hand Lettered Canvas Kit

Grace Anne Studio

I’m SO EXCITED for this DIY Canvas kit!  I get asked ALL the time about painting something worth keeping with my littles. SO I created this DIY Canvas Kit to take the work out of DIY! To hear more about the kit, check it out in the shop! For now, let’s get to making it!

Grace Anne Studio

The canvas kit comes with one of THREE original, hand lettered designs.  I love this one as a reminder that even if your little doesn’t seem creatively inclined, they’re still an artist somehow! To get started, just open up those watercolors, and add water! 


Choose two complimentary colors, and add water to ONLY those colors.  That way you avoid the dreaded “All the colors brown/gray”.

For this one I used yellow, blue, and the resulting green. I also swapped out the brush for a larger one to help cover the canvas more quickly. The included brush works great also though!  From there, just watercolor as much or as little as your little creative would like!

Once they’re done, this is a great stopping point to take a break and let the paint dry. You’ll notice the lettering still shows through nicely for tracing.

Grace Anne Studio

Next up is our mama or older creative job. Take the included paint pen, and shake it for about 15 seconds to get the paint flowing.  Then on a scratch sheet of paper, remove the pen cap, and compress the tip back into the pen and release it.  Pump the pen’s tip like this until you see ink start to fill the white tip, usually around 10 pumps.  I like to pump a couple more times after that, replace the cap, and give the pen one more good shake.  From there you’re ready to letter! 

Simply trace the lettering that is on the canvas, and let the it dry.  I used a monoline look here, but you could easily use faux-calligraphy too.

Grace Anne Studio


To create a faux-calligraphy look, simply add another stroke to the downstroke of each letter.  (The downstroke is the part of the letter that your pen moves “down” to create.)
Grace Anne Studio

And voila! You’re done, and you’ve got a great canvas to display proudly, to give to someone special, OR as a built in party favor for an art party!

As always, I’d LOVE to hear what you think, so hit me up on Instagram! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite customer posts there all season!

XOXO, Grace

P.S. If you love this idea for your next party, family gathering, or playdate, there’s a discount for buying more!  Buy FIVE kits, and save 10% with the code ARTPARTY10. The DIY Canvas Kit Collection is the perfect gift for your little creative OR a great and easy gift to make for someone special!

Grace Anne Studio

Watercolor Silhouette with Tombow Dualbrush Pens

I was looking at Bear nursing the other day, and I just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks and remember how he looked right then forever.  Then it hit me.  A silhouette series! Is there anything sweeter than a silhouette to capture those fleeting stages of growing up?  I quickly snapped a picture, and as soon as Goose was in preschool today, I got to work!

Grace Anne Studio

To make a watercolor silhouette you’ll need:

  • Picture of someone’s profile
  • Watercolor paper
  • Lightpad, iPad or a window
  • Tombow Mono Pencil
  • Tombow Mono Eraser
  • Tombow Dual Brushpens in assorted colors
  • Tombow Blending Palette
  • Waterbrush

Trace it

First things first, it’s time to trace those chubby cheeks! I ended up tracing Bear’s hand too, because how stinking cute are those little wrist rolls?? That’s definitely something I want to remember too.  To trace Bear’s silhouette, I just pulled the picture up on my iPad, adjusted the brightness to 100%, and traced the outline! So simple. You can also use a light pad if you have one, or if all else fails, just tape the picture to a window and trace it using Mr. Golden Sun! (Can you tell I have a preschooler?)

Watercolor it

There are several different ways to watercolor using your Tombow Dualbrush Pens. Today, I used my blending palette, and scribbled some color on it. Then you can either add water to dilute the color, or simply use the scribbled color as your palette. I added water because I wanted the colors to be lighter.

Once you have your color palette ready to go, you’re ready to watercolor!  I used a wet on wet technique here.  (Translation: wet “paint” on wet paper.) You just use clean water to wet the paper only where you want the color to go.  In my case, I added clean water to the entire silhouette. 

Then dip your brush in your Dualbrush “paint”, add color to the wet are, and watch them blend! You can push the “painted” water around a little with your waterbrush to make shadows stand out, or simply let the colors blend and bring the silhouette to life. You can tell my paper is warping from so much water.  I used Canson XL Mixed Media paper again today, but I’d suggest using actual watercolor paper for this project.  The wet on wet technique really needs paper that can hold its own. 

Layer it

Once the “watercolor” is dry, erase the pencil outline.

At this point, you could be finished!! Woohoo! Because I added Bear’s little hand, I wanted to add a little more controlled shadow around his hands and neck to help define the silhouette just a touch more.

I added just a tiny bit more water to my blending palette, and added the “paint” to the dry paper using a wet on dry technique.  This just means you add wet “paint” to dry paper.  This method allows you to have way more control over the “paint” and to add layers without worrying about your colors getting washed out.  On the other hand, you don’t get quite as many unique blends like you do with wet on wet. Time and a place for everything, right?

Hang it

Ta-da!!  You’re done!  I added Bear’s name below his silhouette using a Tombow Fudenosuke soft tip pen, and of course, don’t forget to add the date and age to the back!  (In Bear’s case, the ripe old age of 2 months.)  

What I love about this project is that you can use it for anyone and really make it your own.  Older child? Let them add the color during the wet on wet technique! Teenager? Document that top knot! College kid? Remind them of their roots. As always if you try this out, I’d LOVE to see it! Tag me on Instagram @graceannestudio.

Until next time, keep it creative!